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José Filipe Lyra - Pismo

José Filipe Lyra

Pismo uses cutting-edge technology more than any other company I have worked at. I’ve learned a lot since I started working here. I am usually hard on myself regarding my work. But Pismo’s managers have always been understanding. They say they want me to develop professionally, and that is great.

Flávia Frigo - Pismo

Flávia Frigo

I love the workplace climate. It’s a humanistic environment. People care about each other. Furthermore, Pismo often pleases us with treats such as a birthday cake. It is also a very transparent company. We always know where it’s heading. I feel that I am really part of it.

Thiago Fortunato - Pismo

Thiago Fortunato

Challenges drive me. They take me out of my comfort zone. At Pismo, we do difficult tasks in a critical environment. For example, when my grandmother needs to pay a bill, our systems have to work seamlessly. Our team is very skilled, and the managers are always open to our opinions. In addition, working from …

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Fabiola Marchiori testimonial -

Fabiola Marchiori

We operate in a highly competitive market for digital accounts and payments. The partnership with Pismo enables us to be agile, innovative, digital, scalable, and resilient. With a good capacity for continuous evolution and mastery of business and cutting-edge technology, Pismo contributes enormously to our strategic objectives.