Digital Wallets

Create your own proprietary digital wallet to manage both buyers and sellers. Use cards and other tokens to pay from the wallet. Compete with the most iconic wallets in the market by using our platform.

Benefits you get

What our platform offers for digital wallets
  • Open and closed-loop solutions within the same platform.
  • Connect to cards and banking rails and build your own acceptance network.
  • Manage MDRs, cashback, and discounts.
  • Enrich your digital wallet application by offering integrated card issuing and core banking to provide a complete financial solution for your customers.
Vectorial illustration of a digital wallet app with multiple tokenized payment options

Products you can build with our platform

Scalable card issuing technology -

Digital wallet (build your own PayPal or Alipay solution)

Card issuing platform -

Fully integrated card and deposit account wallet

Digital banking services

Platform to create and deploy digital wallets -
Client and merchant acquisition
Wallet services and tokens -
Multiple tokens and entry modes (QR codes, phone contacts, bank info)
Digital wallets platform technology -
In-app card tokenization
Digital wallets platform technology -
Robust P2P with internal controls for volumes
Digital wallets platform technology -
Complete P2M capabilities, with QR codes or cards, for On-us transactions
Digital wallets platform technology -
Merchant settlement through account or banks transfers
Digital wallets platform technology -
Payment gateway with tokenized cards
Digital wallets platform technology -
MDR, fees, discounts, and cashback offerings from wallet issuers and merchants
Digital wallets platform technology -
Native instant payments capabilities
Digital wallets platform technology -
Deposit and savings account
Digital wallets platform technology -
Integrated issuing for debit, pre-paid, credit and combo cards
Digital Wallets Platform Technology -
Full CRM capabilities with our white label app or our APIs

Frequently asked questions

What kind of digital wallet can I create with the Pismo platform?

With our platform, you can create a proprietary digital wallet where your customers can store money, receive credit and add third-party issued cards to spend on a private network. It works similarly to PayPal and Alipay, for example.

Will my wallet work for QR code and NFC contactless payments?

Our platform absolutely enables QR-based and NFC payments, as well as a range of other tokenised transaction formats. It depends on your front-end app and the devices the customer and the seller use.

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