A global team of innovators

We are not only committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to help our clients build their products. We want to promote change in how the world deals with financial services and impact millions of lives.

Working remotely
for Pismo

Our team works remotely from several locations around the world, with the convenience of flexible working hours. We've designed benefits and activities to help you lead a well-balanced life.

Diversity and
respect for all

We believe that having a team with varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view is the best way to innovate. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are vital components of our business strategy.

Why we love working here

Pismo uses cutting-edge technology more than any other company I have worked at. I’ve learned a lot since I started working here. I am usually hard on myself regarding my work. But Pismo’s managers have always been understanding. They say they want me to develop professionally, and that is great.

José Filipe Lyra,

Technology team leader

I love the workplace climate. It’s a humanistic environment. People care about each other. Furthermore, Pismo often pleases us with treats such as a birthday cake. It is also a very transparent company. We always know where it’s heading. I feel that I am really part of it.

Flávia Frigo

Technical account manager

Challenges drive me. They take me out of my comfort zone. At Pismo, we do difficult tasks in a critical environment. For example, when my grandmother needs to pay a bill, our systems have to work seamlessly. Our team is very skilled, and the managers are always open to our opinions. In addition, working from home allows me to be in contact with my 3-year old daughter.

Thiago Fortunato

Site reliability engineer

I'm glad to be in a place where we are daily encouraged to disrupt. Sometimes, technology can drive people to build more of what's already been done so that they can feel they are part of some special wave or trend. Here, we are challenged to keep our heads off the water and think of what's next, and that's awesome!

Cacau Azevedo

Head of Design

What we offer

Our People Team creates a healthy, comfortable, and encouraging environment for everyone. We believe that happy people innovate more. All our employees around the world enjoy the convenience of remote work and flexible hours. In addition, we offer several perks and benefits that are specific to each country.

Our candidates' journey

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