Fabiola Marchiori

We operate in a highly competitive market for digital accounts and payments. The partnership with Pismo enables us to be agile, innovative, digital, scalable, and resilient. With a good capacity for continuous evolution and mastery of business and cutting-edge technology, Pismo contributes enormously to our strategic objectives.

Adolfo Pittaluga Hahn

Pismo offers a scalable cloud-native platform that is totally aligned with our business. We are building together a digital wallet from scratch in a fast and reliable way. We consider Pismo more than a solution provider; they are a partner for us.

Rodrigo Cury

As BTG Pactual decided to jump into the retail banking business, we looked for modern and flexible solutions, cutting-edge technology, fast responses, and a provider with a genuine partnership spirit. Our purpose is to bring new solutions to innovate and disrupt the traditional and static banking sector, understanding and anticipating customers’ needs. Pismo was chosen… Continue reading Rodrigo Cury