Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A cutting-edge financial services platform cannot exist without cloud computing. We rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its cloud infrastructure to run our banking and payment systems globally.


Vector graphics indicating the scalability of Pismo Platform

With the near real-time scalability provided by the AWS cloud, our platform is ready for demand peaks.

Vector graphics indicating the resiliency of Pismo Platform
Redundancy across multiple regions ensures that our systems are extremely resilient.
Vector graphics indicating the security of Pismo Platform

To ensure our platform is secure we leverage AWS security and management capabilities.

Vector graphics indicating the cost-efficiency of Pismo Platform
Cost efficiency
Thanks to the pay-as-you-go price model, you pay according to your transaction volume.

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Pismo expands globally with AWS cloud resilience

Ricardo Josua and Daniela Binatti, Pismo co-founders, discuss how the AWS cloud infrastructure enables Pismo’s global expansion (in Portuguese with English subtitles)

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