Cloud-native API-based digital lending platform

Offer innovative loan products with scalability and a quick time to market

Benefits you get

Leverage the Pismo digital lending platform for instant loan booking, disbursements, ecosystem partnerships, and much more.
  • Create consumer or business unsecured lending products
  • Perform instant loan booking and disbursement via APIs
  • Manage the complete loan lifecycle
  • Co-create and differentiate through integrations with digital lending ecosystem providers
  • Generate your own analysis with a live data stream
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Products you can build with our platform

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Buy now, pay later (BNPL)​

Instant booking with monthly or fortnightly repayments, product return handling and auto repayments with cards on file

Personal loans​

Personalised loan products based on customer segments with the flexibility of interest rates and options for partial or full early repayments
Coming soon

Auto loans​

Create auto loans products based on vehicle models, set the maximum lendable value against collateral and collect instalments in advance
Coming soon

Educational loans​

Offer educational loans with multiple stages, starting with a moratorium or repayment holiday followed by normal repayment
Coming soon

Business loans​

Enable short-term to long-term business loans with regular or bullet repayments
Coming soon


Provide interest-only or regular repayments based on fixed or floating interest rates with the linkage of a single or multiple collaterals

Lending services

Product design

Fees and Charges

Non-performing asset classification

Frequently asked questions

What capabilities does the Pismo platform offer for BNPL?
Pismo Lending is a loan management system and currently covers booking, disbursement to merchants, and product return handling.
Can lending features be implemented in a mobile app?
We provide APIs to integrate our platform with your mobile app or website.
Do you provide originations and collections?
We have partnerships with cloud-based origination and collection providers, and we can also work with your existing solutions.
Is the Pismo platform available as SaaS?
Yes, the Pismo platform is software-as-a-service hosted on public cloud infrastructure.
How does the Pismo platform manage reports?
We provide live data streams which any reporting system can use to generate the required reports.

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