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16 February –

Pismo customers: make sure you subscribe to our Changelog posts

Here’s how – and why – you should subscribe to our regular customer updates

Tim Robinson, Technical Writer
2 mins read

Our Changelog posts are packed full of useful information about the Pismo platform, such as the addition of exciting new features along with updates to existing ones. The posts also include links to handy documents and are an easy way for you to keep up-to-date on our implementation schedules.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, it takes just three simple steps to subscribe to the Changelog.

Subscribing from Microsoft Outlook

Right-click the RSS Feeds folder and click Add a New RSS Feed. A new RSS Feed dialog box appears.

Enter the URL of the Pismo Changelog RSS feed. This is the URL of the changelog with .rss appended to the end:

Click Add > OK.

With Google Chrome, you can subscribe using the RSS feed reader of your choice.

Subscribing from Google Chrome

  1. In Google Chrome, navigate to RSS Subscription Extension (by Google), and follow the instructions to install the extension.
  2. After installation, enter in the Chrome address bar and press ENTER. The browser recognizes the URL as an RSS feed and prompts you to select an RSS feed tool.
  3. Follow any instructions provided by the feed reader.

For more information about our Changelog as well as updates to our platform please visit our newly launched Pismo Developers Portal.

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