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26 August –

Meet Subramaniam Sundaram, our principal solutions architect

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One of the key figures in our global expansion is Subramaniam Sundaram, our principal solutions architect, also known by his nickname Subbu. He is a recent addition to Pismo’s team in the United Kingdom. “Pismo is a well-architected and proven platform for banking and payments, and I am excited to lead the design and evolution of the Pismo platform to meet the needs of the European financial services ecosystem,” he says. Subbu has 21 years of experience in designing and building payments processing systems for large financial services clients. He previously was in charge of the design of a cloud payments rail for a large UK bank in partnership with Google, Visa, Form3, and Thought Machine. He has built and nurtured large teams of engineers, business analysts, and product owners, helping them understand and navigate the payments landscape from a regulatory, business and technical standpoint. When he is not working at Pismo, Subbu chairs the governing body of a leading primary school in London. He also enjoys spending time with his family, hitting the gym in his garage, cycling, playing tennis, and taking violin lessons.

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