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13 April –

How we develop leaders to drive innovation and take Pismo to new heights

We are structuring our leadership development program following the 4Ds of design thinking: discover, define, develop, and deliver

Luciana Inumaru and Camila Raposo¹

“Do managers matter?” Google team asked themselves this question in 2009 and sent out a robust survey within the organisation to answer it. The result was undeniable: yes, leadership does matter!

The study showed that leaders who were good performers had better performing teams with higher satisfaction levels and lower turnover rates. These teams also had a better perception of work-life balance, innovation and career development. It’s like people say, “people don’t resign from companies; they resign from their bosses”.

Brené Brown, a researcher and writer, defines leaders as people who assume the responsibility of identifying potential in people and processes and having the courage to develop that potential. When we look at that definition, leadership may seem like an easy task. Still, we know that it is a complex and challenging mission (as well as uplifting) that requires a vast combination of technical and behavioural skills.

There is no easy recipe to being a good leader in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. Within the necessary behavioural skills for leadership, some of them specifically stand out: self-awareness, emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, strong empathy and resilience.

The path to developing each of these skills requires different strategies and variations for each person. This development path consists of theoretical knowledge, practical experiences, repertoire expansion, sharing perceptions, reflecting on lessons learned, mentoring and continuous feedback.

At Pismo, we recognise the importance of leadership development, and we know that it encompasses a universe of infinite possibilities. With that in mind, our People team now has a specialist on the subject, Camila Raposo, who has been focusing on structuring and orchestrating programs and initiatives designed to potentialise our leaders.

Design Thinking

We’re constructing this program based on the 4Ds (or Double Diamond) from the Design Thinking methodology. We aim to map out adequate strategies for our business’s context and our hypergrowth. The 4Ds are:

    • Discover
    • Define
    • Develop
    • Deliver

We are currently in the “Discover” phase, exploring the scenario inside and outside Pismo to identify our priority needs so we can then design the solutions we will deliver. Our objective is to bring our leaders more technical knowledge to support our program structures and follow up on their development systemically.

We are very excited about this construction and sure that the whole process will bring us great learning experiences. We plan to expand our leadership development initiatives soon, contributing to a more prepared team by the day, ready to take Pismo to new heights.

¹Luciana Inumaru is Chief People Officer at Pismo
Camila Raposo is Leadership Development Specialist at Pismo

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