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21 June –

How to attract and retain top talent in technology

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Since January 2020, Pismo has grown from 40 to 160 employees and transitioned from a regular office to remote work in several cities. Daniela Binatti, founder and CTO at Pismo, and Luciana Inumaru, CHRO, were invited by the recruitment company Robert Walters to discuss how Pismo has attracted and retained talent to support the company’s fast growth.

In the webinar, the two executives said that remote work, along with flexible working hours, is attractive to tech professionals. Pismo’s people-centered culture, sustainable business, and its use of cutting-edge technology help keep this talent on board. Furthermore, the company has implemented wellbeing initiatives such as yoga, mindfulness, and workout sessions.

“Taking good care of our team is essential to keeping everybody satisfied. Additionally, our employees are promoters of our brand and help us to attract other talents”, says Daniela Binatti. “Our culture is in transformation, as Pismo is expanding to the USA, Europe, and Asia,” says Luciana Inumaru.

Daniela and Luciana also detailed how Pismo integrates new employees with a remote onboarding process. These are the steps:

  • The HR team inserts the newcomer into a WhatsApp group.
  • Pismo sends them a welcome kit with useful tools and fun gifts.
  • There is an introduction to the company by the CEO and co-founder, Ricardo Josua.
  • The new employee attends presentations about products and technology.
  • There is a virtual coffee with the team or squad.
  • There is also a virtual coffee with the founders.
  • The HR team accompanies the newcomer for up to 90 days.
  • In addition, there is supervisor accompaniment.

Pismo looks for software developers aiming to work in challenging projects with cutting-edge technologies, such as CI-CD, Kubernetes, Istio, Groovy, and Golang. The company also has job posts open for specialists in growth marketing, technical writing, and cloud infrastructure. See our careers page for more.

Watch the presentation (in Portuguese):

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