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04 May –

How Pismo’s growth mirrors buying my first home

Our content strategist Alex completed a move into his first home, and noticed a few similarities with Pismo itself

Alexander Hamilton

There are always so many things to think about when it comes to moving home, and I believe I had gone over almost every single one of them by the time my fiance and I decided on it. After living in our London flat for three years, we finally had saved the money to buy our first house.

But there remained so much to do. We had to scout out an area we wanted to live in (my partner’s skills as a cartographer came in handy here), check the local services, and work out travel times to offices, important locations, and family members.

Every decision is an important and impactful one. People are right when they say buying your first house is one of the most stressful things to do! My move also happened to coincide with Pismo’s expansion into a new Singapore office, and the more I thought about it the more parallels began to emerge between the two.

Pismo’s opening of a new office in Singapore, soon after the launch of the UK headquarters, showed the company’s growth and preparedness to take on new challenges, as well as stamp its mark in a fresh market. My moving into a new house signalled a new stage in my life focused on my own growth and independence.

First steps

Expanding into a new market requires a process of planning, testing, and research. Every company wants to make the most of its first splash in a new location. Similarly, the dozens of bookmarks crowded my “moving” folder represented my own attempts at due diligence.

Luckily for me, there were plenty of tools and platforms available for me to use to streamline things. Fee-free online brokers, digital portals for document submission, and remote solicitors are available via email and live chat. All of these, so different from the days of my parents’ first house purchase, helped to keep things on track.

This digitisation is echoed in the financial services space, where customers are continually looking for easier, quicker ways to perform their everyday banking tasks (and some not so every day). The bank I used to apply for my mortgage approved my application within five days, all through an online portal. It was no coincidence that when I investigated their lending system I found it using a cloud-first approach.

Pismo is involved in my move in more ways than one, though. The company’s office stipend helped me to set up my new home workstation, and ensured I had everything I needed within days of unlocking the front door for the very first time. Meanwhile, its health and wellbeing allowance meant I could invest in some much-needed stress-relieving remedies!

A company like Pismo knows what it’s like to expand and take important steps into a wider world, and that shows in the way it treats its employees and approaches its clients. Working for a firm which puts the future at the heart of its business has never been more important.

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