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25 July –

Global media covers OneCosmo launch by Pismo and OneConnect

Publications, websites, and news trackers cover the latest result of Pismo’s partnership with OneConnect: OneCosmo

Alexander Hamilton
2 min

Pismo and OneConnect have launched OneCosmo, an all-in-one digital banking solution tailor-made for institutions across Southeast Asia.

OneCosmo allows customers to onboard within weeks due to pre-integrated and pre-configured features. It also enables real-time data streaming for greater insight into consumer behaviour through data analysis.

The launch results from close collaboration between Pismo and OneConnect, an associate of the Ping An Group, who signed a partnership earlier this year. Leveraging next-generation technology, OneCosmo’s suite of solutions offers a highly scalable and easily integratable option for banks and financial institutions.

“OneCosmo represents the fruits of our labour from our strategic partnership with Pismo,” says Tan Bin Ru, CEO for Southeast Asia at OneConnect. “Here at OneConnect, driving the digitalisation of financial institutions and banks for a greater level of financial inclusion has been our vision, and OneCosmo allows us to further amplify our vision for more institutions at a larger scale”

Vishal Dalal, CEO for North America, EMEA and APAC at Pismo, adds: “The launch of OneCosmo showcases our joint commitment with OneConnect to provide institutions with the tools to perfect their digital strategy for the future of financial services.”

Global media outlets picked up on the launch, read their coverage here:

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