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28 June –

BTG+ digital bank thrives and attracts a variety of customers

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Digital banks have grown rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic, and mobile financial services now attract people of all ages and cultures. This was one of the topics discussed in June at CIAB, the most prestigious banking technology congress in Brazil, organized by Febraban, the Brazilian Bank Federation.

“BTG+ started its operations in January, and now we have customers in all the states across Brazil. This would have been impossible with a branch-based business model,” said Rodrigo Cury, partner at BTG Pactual and head of BTG+, a digital bank that chose Pismo’s cloud-native platform. “We are focused on the customers and the technology, bringing disruptive solutions to the market.”

Cury said that the belief that digital services dehumanize banks is a misconception: “We add a human touch to the convenience of digital banking. Our model is basically self-service. Using the mobile app, customers can transfer money or request a loan, for instance. But they can also talk to an investment advisor. Then, with lots of data to hand, the human specialist can give better advice.”

He also remarked that the bank’s digital products attract all kinds of people, irrespective of age, gender, and profession: “Some customers put their money in conservative investments while others invest almost everything in stocks. Some request loans offering their real estate properties as guarantees. We couldn’t even imagine that a few years ago.”

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