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23 julho –

Why we love town hall meetings

Mauricio Grego
1 min read

One of the most important rituals we have at Pismo is our monthly all-hands meeting. It brings together the founders and the entire team to discuss important topics and align everyone to a common north star.

During these meetings, new employees introduce themselves to the team. Then the managers take the opportunity to bring everybody up-to-date with news, numbers, and reports about the ongoing and future projects.

Since the beginning of the covid pandemic, our town hall meetings have been happening online. They are becoming more complex — and even more important — as Pismo expands its team globally.

In our July meeting last week, we had more than 170 people attending online from five countries. Since our team is spread across multiple time zones, from California to Australia, we must schedule the meetings carefully.

We believe that all-hands meetings are a great tool to keep our team engaged. And we are continuously looking for ways to make them more effective and enjoyable.

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