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26 maio –

“We know how to export boldness, resilience, and BI”, says Ricardo Josua

Our Co-Founder and CEO joined the AWS Fintech Day, an event held by Amazon Web Services, and talked about how Pismo deals with different clients and regulations worldwide

Fernanda Testa

Ricardo Josua, Co-Founder and CEO at Pismo, was a featured speaker at AWS Fintech Day, an event held by Amazon Web Services focused on startups specialised in financial services.

On 26 May, he joined the panel “Fintech: Journey and Challenges” with Marylin Hahn, COO and Co-Founder at Bankly, André Luiz Silva, COO and Co-Founder at A55, and Caroline Riley, Startup Business Development Manager at AWS.

Ricardo talked about the challenges Pismo faces while expanding globally, such as dealing with different clients and specific regulations in the countries we operate.

Internationalisation is an ongoing challenge

Pismo operates in several countries, including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, the UK, India, China, and Singapore. When discussing financial services, each country has different regulations and structures, demanding attention to coordination, cultural alignment, communication management, and organizational design.

Besides that, Ricardo explains that we also have to think about working with autonomy and managing critical processes simultaneously. “We deal with money. We process accounts totaling $9 billion every month, so we can’t make mistakes. The balance between innovation, stability, security, and robustness is an ongoing and important challenge.”

Taking lessons worldwide

Ricardo says Pismo is proud of being a Brazilian company distributing effective solutions abroad. Having the opportunity to create an ecosystem that is sufficiently robust and sophisticated to be implemented in other countries helps Pismo grow and be aware of different trends and compete with global competitors.

Brazil knows how to export boldness, resilience, and business intelligence. But we have also learned things from our international partners, such as organisational and operational discipline, which are important for us. Having a multicultural background and international clients help us extract the best from each of them and consciously continue the global expansion”, he says.

Next steps for Pismo

When asked if Pismo is aiming to launch an IPO as a next step for the company, Ricardo says that although it is a possibility, it’s not yet planned for. “Our focus is growth and delivery. We want to keep doing what we do well. We are very aware of our reputation, and we are always looking to deliver our solutions the best way possible”.

At the end of the panel, Ricardo also gave a piece of advice for those who want to create their own business in the financial industry. “It’s not easy to launch a company. You have to be prepared to face things with resilience. It requires emotional intelligence and tolerance. It brings you joy and benefits, but it’s also a risky life. So, serenity is essential”, he concludes.

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