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17 março –

Pismo’s site reliability engineering team meets new director Simon White

Our new SRE director, based in the UK, discussed strategies with his new team in our São Paulo office this week

Fernanda Testa

This week, Pismo’s site reliability engineering (SRE) team met Simon White, their new director. Based in the UK, Simon came to Brazil to discuss strategies with the team at our headquarters in São Paulo.

Daniela Binatti, our Co-Founder and CTO, and Leonardo Carmona, our Security Director, were also present.

Simon leads our site reliability engineers, platform engineers, and database administrators. This group ensures the resiliency and scalability of the Pismo platform to support our global expansion.

A proud team

Carmona, who led the Security and SRE teams in the last 18 months, said that the group learned a lot during this journey, and all its members evolved personally and professionally.

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together. Now that we are scaling globally, we have to improve the quality of our solutions and make the Pismo platform increasingly efficient. You’ll love to work with Simon and will learn a lot from his experience,” he said.

The leading player in the payments industry

Daniela added her excitement about Simon’s arrival and explained he would play an essential role in Pismo’s global operations:

“We need a focused sight since Pismo has been consolidating itself as a big player in the payments industry. The feedback about our services is extremely positive, and we’re sure we’ll be the main player in this market.”

Working with different cultures

Simon said he was excited about working with people from different countries and cultures. “I enjoy learning about cultural differences and how we can work together. It’s easy for us because we’re engineers. I love the innovative drive to do things, and I hope you can count on me to help you with guidance, leadership, and strategic ideas”, he said.

After introducing themselves, each team member talked about their hobbies, interests, and some fun facts. Simon revealed he loves flying kites but hates ice cream.

The team also had business meetings with Giuliana Gennari, our Head of Clients, and Juliana Binatti, our Co-Founder and CPO. After all these discussions, everyone got together for a happy hour to celebrate the new path for the SRE team and Pismo.

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