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14 abril –

Pismo’s Daniela Binatti discusses engineering leadership at VTEX Day

Our Co-Founder and CTO joined a panel at one of the most significant e-commerce events in Latin America to talk about strategies to make tech companies grow in a healthy way

Fernanda Testa

Daniela Binatti, Co-Founder and CTO at Pismo, was a featured speaker at VTEX Day 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil. The event is one of the most renowned shows focused on e-commerce in Latin America.

She joined a panel with Marcelo Azambuja, Director and Site Lead at Coinbase, and Paulo Monçores, Software Engineer Director at VTEX. The executives discussed the strategies they adopt to succeed in engineering leadership and make companies grow in a healthy way.

Building teams

When talking about building teams, Daniela remembered how Pismo grew from 40 to more than 300 employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this process, our Co-Founder and CTO explained that there were a lot of challenges to face until the company came to a satisfying communication and onboarding strategy.

“We have changed our structure. Today we have specific teams that act as new technology enablers. We saw this model worked and started building our engineering teams this way. We increase teams and split the tasks, so you don’t have a huge team working on a single solution. With this kind of division, we have smaller groups with restricted work scopes”, she explains.

Creating scalability

Scalability is another thing that is always challenging when growing a company. Since Daniela and her three co-founders decided to launch Pismo, the idea of having a company that would operate on a large scale was something settled.

But how can entrepreneurs create scalability? Daniela says that the main issue is to look at a solution in two different ways: its scope spread (how many features it can deliver) and its implementation depth.

“Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) are like small steps, but they always need to walk towards the final product. We can take smaller steps, but they have to go in the same direction. In our monthly town hall meeting, we highlight our values so that everyone can think about them in their daily work. That’s how we keep growing in a structured way”, Daniela says.

Retaining talents

Pismo is expanding its global reach with offices in the USA, the UK, Singapore, and Brazil. People from all over the world are joining the company. So talent acquisition and retention is something that the company treats as a priority.

Daniela says the People Management team continually works to make employees feel comfortable in their work environment. “We created a set of benefits and a strong well-being team to take care of the people who work with us.”

She also believes that a good reference is the most valuable asset a company can achieve to attract talents. “Our biggest investment is to have a culture and a team focused on the individuals. It’s the best way to retain and attract people by referral.”

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