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19 outubro –

Pismo founders reflect on our US$ 108 million series B round

Ricardo Josua, Daniela Binatti, Juliana Binatti, and Marcelo Parise tell what’s coming next for Pismo

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Pismo is starting a new phase today with our US$ 108 million Series B fundraising round, led by SoftBank Latin America Fund, Amazon, and Accel, with B3, Falabella Ventures, PruVen, and existing investors Headline and Redpoint eventures. Our investors have global coverage and deep knowledge of the fintech and payments space. So we will benefit from their industry access and ability to help us find the best talent and resources as we grow.

The funding will fuel our global expansion and accelerate the development of market-leading technologies for banking, payments, and financial markets infrastructure. Let’s see what our four founders say about this new phase that is starting for Pismo.

Ricardo Josua, co-founder and CEO

We have worked almost in stealth mode so far, selling exclusively through referrals. Now, with the broadest product coverage in the market and cutting-edge technology adopted at scale, we are ready for a new growth phase. On the back of this funding round, we will build further on the momentum and scale we have in Latin America and accelerate international expansion.

We have enabled our clients to launch and manage some of the most innovative products in the market, and we are just getting started. We are hiring over 200 engineers and world-class product, commercial, and management talent to lead banking and payment disruption worldwide. We want to be sure we will stay ahead of the curve.

Daniela Binatti, co-founder and CTO

The dream of establishing a global company is coming true, and the fundraising process has increased our confidence not only in what we’ve done so far but in what we’re willing to achieve. We built a world-class platform, and investors from all over the world were impressed by what we’ve created here. This funding round will be crucial to building awareness around Pismo, and the investors joining us will open doors for us in the whole world.

We must celebrate what we’ve achieved so far, but to compete globally, we’ll have to raise the bar on quality, resilience, and excellence in our services. More than ever, we have to inspire ourselves by looking to the best companies around the globe and then making the best we can in our way. We’re not here to be just another technology company. We’re here to make history!

Juliana Binatti, co-founder and CPO

With this funding round, Pismo has become much bigger than we dreamt of when we founded it. It’s very gratifying for me. Looking back at the paths we have taken, I see that one of the most critical factors for our advancement is the partnership we have with our clients. Their demands, their support, and input have been driving us to offer better products and services. We value this partnership and want to go on working with them.

By investing in our business, investment funds and companies such as Amazon are validating it. They believe in our potential to be global players, which places us closer to our goal of becoming the number one banking and payment solution globally. We want all the companies that need a banking or payment processing solution to think of Pismo as the best option in the market.

This funding round will give us access to key people in the financial industry and allow us to develop our products further. We will invest even more in our team, which is a crucial factor in reaching our goals. We must bring in the best talents from the whole world. So we will be able to acquire knowledge about the different cultures and markets where we will operate. This will allow us to establish the best possible relationships with customers in those markets.

Marcelo Parise, co-founder and VP of Engineering

This funding round is a significant milestone for Pismo. It will accelerate our already rapid growth and allow us to reach more countries to become a global enterprise. The funding will give us resources to reinforce our team, not only in engineering but also in business development, sales, marketing, and customer support. We must make sure we have the best talent globally. This is crucial to go on building the most advanced banking and payments platform in the world.

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