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27 outubro –

Pismo at Money20/20 USA: Insights, connections, and caipirinhas

Pismo made a splash at another major fintech event with our eye-catching booth, innovative solutions and industry expertise

Alexander Hamilton
3 min

Pismo attended Money20/20 USA this week in Las Vegas, making a splash at another major fintech event. If it wasn’t our eye-catching booth and colours, it was the insights gleaned and connections established with fellow fintech enthusiasts.

Day One

The first day of Money20/20 saw our team arrive in style at the Venetian Hotel, with the Pismo banner displayed across balconies and along staircases. Attendees were able to see the next-generation numbers the Pismo platform is capable of supporting first-hand.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Ricardo Josua, delivered a dynamic talk on the future of the financial services industry. Presenting in the Casanova Ballroom, he told the audience that many things we take for granted in the industry involve batch transactions. Firms and bankers got used to collecting information slowly, even through physical mail.

Now the industry no longer needs a set date or time to calculate interest or credit card statements; everything is instantaneous. Every new transaction can create data events, and every further authorisation has the potential to activate auxiliary systems in real time.

Day Two

Pismo’s second day at Money20/20 featured a “talk on the stand” with executives Edson Higashi and Marcos Xavier from BTG Pactual.

The talk focused on the partnership between Pismo and BTG Pactual. It detailed how Latin America’s largest investment bank used the Pismo platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to create BTG Pactual Banking, a digital bank bringing disruptive products to market.

The app focuses on providing something new to the market. It found its inspiration in apps that users already love and use daily. Essential to the project was ensuring that the product looked different from competitors.

The day ended in a drinks happy hour on the stand, featuring authentic Brazilian caipirinha cocktails.

Day Three

The third day of Money 20/20 saw Fpay executives Adrían Lizzi and Ignacio Bravo take the stage on the Pismo stand. They discussed with the audience the context and challenges of setting up effective digital payments in Latin America.

Fpay is the financial services division of Falabella, one of the largest retail groups in Chile and Latin America. It is one of the pioneers of e-commerce in the region and uses the Pismo platform to power its services.

Did you miss out on meeting Pismo at Money20/20 USA? Or want to speak to us about the show or how our solutions can help you create innovative banking and payment products? Get in contact today.

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