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04 outubro –

MIT Global Entrepreneurship Lab selects Pismo as a host company

Pìsmo competed against startups from all around the world and was chosen to collaborate with MIT Sloan MBA students

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Pismo has a new and exciting partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Lab (GLab), part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Four students from MIT Sloan – one of the world’s top-ranked business schools – will work with the Pismo team during the next four months.

The students will start working with us remotely this week. In January, they will travel to Bristol, UK, to meet our European team. They will research the European financial services market in collaboration with our team, led by Vishal Dalal, CEO for the USA, Europe and Asia.

“We are very proud and happy to work with such a talented group of individuals. We see them as actual partners in the next evolution of our platform, not only in the role of MIT students but also as part of the next generation of consumers and socially conscious people. We look forward to giving them a great experience in the next four months”, says Vishal.

G-Lab is an interdisciplinary project-based learning course for MIT students. Since 2000, its teams have delivered insight and analysis to 482 startups and growing companies on 643 projects located in 54 markets worldwide.

Each G-Lab team is comprised of MBA students – and, on occasion, other MIT graduate students – with varied backgrounds and expertise. The teams work on business problems with sponsoring host companies in areas such as fintech, cryptocurrency, logistics, venture capital, and artificial intelligence.

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