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08 abril –

How you can offer multi-currency accounts using the Pismo platform

With our APIs, you can build a multi-currency account offering so your customers can hold, receive, spend, and send money in different currencies


Multi-currency accounts are convenient for frequent travellers and expatriates. This kind of account stores multiple currencies with individual balances. And an international debit card usually accompanies it.

Users of multi-currency accounts can hold, receive, spend, and send money in any available currency. The amount may be converted between currencies when needed. Moreover, each currency can have a specific transaction limit with fine-grained spending controls.

Customers can use their multi-currency debit cards to withdraw cash or pay for purchases internationally. And these cards also work with digital wallets. At the transaction time, the system identifies the currency and takes the money from the appropriate account.

Build your multicurrency service with our APIs

You can swiftly develop a reliable, highly scalable, and feature-rich multi-currency account offering using the Pismo platform. You just need to orchestrate our primitive APIs to build the back-end system. Then, you can integrate this back-end system with your payments or banking app or website.

Leverage the cloud-native architecture for fast time to market

Our cloud-native platform processes the transactions and manages the balances in all currencies. It offers rapid scalability and is available worldwide. We provide complete documentation on the APIs, and our engineering team is always ready to help you.

Deliver the required customer experiences over digital channels

You can build your mobile app or website using the technologies you choose. Pismo’s APIs will do the backend processing. So you will have complete control of the user experience.

Use multi-currency wallets as local accounts

Users can get specific account payment details for each currency. For example, if someone has a balance in Euro, they can have an IBAN or bank code (BIC/SWIFT) – the two codes that identify European bank accounts. Thus customers can receive payments in their respective currencies like residents.

Contato to learn more about our solution for multi-currency accounts or schedule a demonstration.

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