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15 fevereiro –

Hot off the Pismo Press – our interview with Startups

Pismo’s Daniela Binatti and Vishal Dalal talk about our platform, the Covid-19 pandemic and the banking industry in an interview with the Startups website

Natalie Easson, Head of PR
1 min read

Our Co-Founder and CTO, Daniela Binatti, and Vishal Dalal, our CEO for the USA, Europe and Asia, talked to Angelica Mari of entrepreneurship-focused website Startups.

The interview covered a wide range of topics, including how our next-gen platform works and the impact of Covid-19 on the banking industry.

During the interview, Daniela explained how Pismo was founded, the culture she has created along with her co-founders, and how we work with our customers.

“When we designed Pismo and the way we would operate, we were not only talking about technology – we’re also very much focused on relationships,” Daniela explained.

This approach has served us well, helping us grow rapidly and work with some of the largest banks and financial institutions in Latin America.

The growth has allowed us to expand overseas, with Vishal Dalal joining the Executive team in early 2021 to lead our international efforts. “My main goal in 2022 will be to make Pismo more known internationally and have a presence in all the major markets,” says Vishal.

Read the full interview on Startups: English / Portuguese.

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