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Forbes: Pismo is one of the 10 most innovative companies in Brazil

With its technology, Pismo is helping banks transition from an old world to a new one, says the Brazilian edition of Forbes magazine

Fernanda Testa
2 min

Forbes Brazil magazine has featured Pismo as one of Brazil’s ten most innovative companies

Innovation experts and entrepreneurship organisations collaborated in choosing the ten firms that have stood out, creating innovative solutions in different industries, including food, health, agriculture, energy, and financial services. 

The article mentions Pismo as one of the few companies offering major banks a high-scale, cloud-native technology solution. It also highlights how Pismo keeps honest customer relationships, prioritising problem-solving instead of long contracts. 

“Big banks have a dilemma between buying and building technology solutions. We offer a middle path, so customers don’t need to develop the entire lower layer of processes. We build the components to help the transition from the old technology to the new one”, says Daniela Binatti, Co-Founder and CTO at Pismo. 

Forbes also highlights the founders’ professional maturity as a differential in Pismo’s journey, especially regarding pitching for fundraising and using resources efficiently to boost business. 

“We use funds diligently, especially when the market is in a negative mood. That’s an advantage of being a company founder in your 40s. We are extremely conservative and careful about spending,” Daniela explains. 

With more than 450 employees in Brazil, Europe, and Oceania, Pismo moves US$138 billion in transactions annually, adds 40 million new accounts monthly to its platform, and performs 75,000 transaction authorisations per second. These numbers align with Daniela’s dream to rebuild the banking market worldwide. 

“It wouldn’t make sense to rely on protocols from 30, 40 years ago. Legacy technologies still in use need to be replaced with newer ones already available,” she concludes. 

The article in Portuguese is available for magazine subscribers on the Forbes Brazil website.

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