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22 agosto –

Brazilian Newspaper Valor Econômico quotes Daniela Binatti and Mauricio Galdieri

Daniela and Mauricio spoke about chaos engineering during the Febraban Tech conference, and their speech was quoted in an article for the Brazilian newspaper

Fernanda Testa

Daniela Binatti, Co-Founder and CTO at Pismo, and Mauricio Galdieri, Software Architect, were quoted in an article about cybersecurity in financial services in the Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico

The report is part of the newspaper’s special section about banking technology produced during the Febraban Tech conference in São Paulo, Brazil. 

The article highlights Daniela and Mauricio discussing chaos engineering as a tool to increase resilience in computer systems. This methodology consists of voluntarily creating failures – like taking down a server or a communication link – in a digital environment and then analysing its behaviour. The practice helps increase the resilience and reliability of applications.  

“Chaos engineering is not about mess; it’s about trust,” said Mauricio during the panel he and Daniela presented at Febraban Tech. They explained the importance of chaos engineering in financial services and how Pismo uses it to improve our cloud-based platform for banking and payments. 

Besides chaos engineering, the article mentions using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning to prevent identity fraud and cyberattacks to financial systems. 

The article in Portuguese is available to subscribers on the Valor Econômico website. 

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