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24 janeiro –

Brazilian engineers fly to the UK to work with Pismo’s European team

A team of Brazilian engineers is working in our European headquarters to exchange region-specific expertise with their local colleagues

Alexander Hamilton, Content Strategist
2 mins read

Despite being spread across three countries and many different time zones, our engineers in the USA, the UK and Brazil regularly work together on several projects. However they seldom meet in person — something that has become especially difficult in the last two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This month a group of Pismo engineers from Brazil finally crossed the Atlantic to meet their European counterparts face-to-face. The group landed in the UK last week. After adhering to all required COVID-19 precautions and undergoing a period of quarantine, they joined up with their colleagues on Wednesday.

Crossing three time zones and a hemisphere, the engineers have had to brave the wintery UK weather. Temperatures have dipped below freezing, and are a far cry from up to 30 celsius found back in summery Brazil.

Having linked up with the team in our fantastic Bristol HQ – which overlooks the River Avon – the engineers are set to spend five weeks working on several projects in banking and payments, exchanging region-specific expertise with their European colleagues.

“This is a great example of cross-continent cooperation. It is also a sign of our determination to ensure that our talented engineers can access global opportunities and cutting-edge work across our offices if they so desire,” says Vishal Dalal, CEO (USA, Europe, and Asia) at Pismo.

Our engineers haven’t been the only visitors to the UK HQ in recent times. Pismo UK is also working with a team of four students from the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab).

It’s safe to say 2022 is getting off to a running start at Pismo, and we can’t wait to see the results of our engineers’ hard work. Welcome to the UK, everyone!

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