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27 abril –

APIs provide flexibility in payments solutions, says Juliana Binatti at APICON

Pismo’s Co-Founder and CPO was a featured speaker at API Connect Conference 2022 and talked about how primitive APIs offer endless possibilities in the payments industry

Fernanda Testa

Juliana Binatti, Co-Founder and CPO at Pismo, was a featured speaker at the API Connect Conference (APICON), an online event focused on APIs and digital transformation.

In her speech, she discussed how APIs are transforming the payments industry and how Pismo is helping banks, fintechs, and non-financial institutions to provide flexible and scalable solutions to their final customers.

Endless possibilities

Juliana explained how the Pismo platform works with its APIs and microservices and the endless possibilities it provides to customers.

“Our proposal, when we created our company, was to transform the payments industry, coming up with a contemporary technology that would replace the legacy solutions that still drive the payments world,” says Juliana.

Pismo offers a backend system for payment transactions so that clients from several segments can operate on the same platform. “We allow our customers to create solutions like digital accounts, credit cards, digital wallets, and marketplaces based on our APIs. We provide solutions as primitive as possible so that each customer can ride their journey flexibly,” Juliana says.

800 endpoints and counting

The Pismo platform counts on 45 APIs and more than 800 endpoints to meet customers’ needs when launching a financial solution. This structure allows our clients to develop and launch their products quickly.

With this range of APIs and endpoints, clients can decide how they want to build their systems and choose which components they will need to set up a product journey. “We have around one billion API calls successfully answered daily on our platform, from program setup and new user registrations to entire financial operations,” Juliana explains.

Services across the world

Another advantage Juliana mentioned about working with a microservices-based platform is the ease of localisation for financial products. Since the Pismo platform has everything needed to implement financial services at its core, it is easy to localise these services when operating in a new region. This flexibility is crucial to the company’s global expansion.

“When we present a demo to a new client, even if we don’t have the background prepared for a particular region, we can easily implement the things the client needs. With our architecture, we don’t have to go through major changes in the platform. The infrastructure we created has a great value for the financial industry worldwide”, Juliana concludes.

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