Coming to Pismo to support Vishal Dalal was an easy decision for me. Working with some of the most brilliant minds in the financial industry and helping shape the company’s culture as the business expands is an exciting challenge. Since starting at Pismo, I relocated from Taiwan to the UK, where our European team is based.

My career started in sales and business development but soon turned to administration, which eventually led to solopreneurship. Over the last few years, I’ve worked with small businesses worldwide, refining my process and strategising sustainable expansion. Pismo, therefore, has felt like a natural progression.

As Pismo grows and evolves, we will lead the way with innovation and organisational culture. We have an opportunity to redefine the landscape of international working culture to be more inclusive, agile and effective – just like our product.

Let me answer some common FAQs: Yes, I’m half-Dutch, half-Taiwanese. Yes, I grew up in Taiwan and attended American school there. Yes, I speak five languages (and counting!). Yes, I have lived on three different continents. Caught between the two cultures growing up, I have always known what it’s like to be different, to break the mould. Perpetually the foreigner, no matter where I go, I’ve had to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This gives me a unique point of view. I can see problems from different perspectives, so I tackle issues head-on with the humility of East Asian diplomacy and the practicality of Nordic sensibility. I listen more than I speak to ensure more informed decision-making. I use language more intentionally, depending on the audience I’m communicating with.

When I am not working, I enjoy the After Hours podcast during my commute, hiking at the weekends, and occasionally hosting Taiwanese dinner parties.

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