What advice would you give to willing entrepreneurs? Ricardo Josua and Daniela Binatti, two of Pismo’s co-founders, shared their views about starting a successful business during an interview with Romero Rodrigues. Co-founder of Buscapé, a pioneer online price comparison tool, Rodrigues is now a venture capitalist at Redpoint eVentures and a board member at Pismo, one of the startups in Redpoint’s portfolio.

Daniela and Ricardo started Pismo together with Juliana Motta and Marcelo Parise in 2015. “Visiting Silicon Valley, I saw a vast gap between what the services companies were building there and Brazil’s financial infrastructure. So I saw an opportunity,” tells Daniela. They then began to build a cloud-native platform that would take banking and payment systems up to the next level.

For Ricardo, the most overrated trait in a startup founder is genius. “People like to imagine entrepreneurship happens in giant leaps, like in a movie where people see algorithms solving themselves in front of their eyes. The reality on the ground is that you need good intuition, but it’s how you implement and execute that makes all the difference. Great ideas are always an iterative process. All successful founders end up doing more than they thought they could do. 20/20 hindsight is a form of vanity,” he says.

Daniela agrees. “From the outside, everything looks like an overnight success. The cult of personality is one of the most vulgar aspects of the tech business. You create your story while you still struggle with everyday things like everyone else. Success always involves joint effort. It’s circumstantial and based on having the right people at the right time,” she adds.

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