Entersekt’s 3D Secure ACS solution enables institutions to take control of the e-commerce journey and build a practical and secure checkout experience for their customers. Its mission is to help organisations deliver secure, compliant and innovative digital experiences to their customers.

Partnership highlights

Feel the power of customisable user journeys, issuance, and digital experience

Authenticate at frictionless speed

AI-powered risk-based authentication enables issue-free identification and confirmation

Stand out from the market

Entersekt offers more than 20 pre-integrated and orchestrated journeys to choose from and customise

Compliance with major providers

Process EMV 3D Secure compliant transactions for AMEX, Mastercard and Visa.

Mitigate or remove multi-device collision

Transform mobile apps and desktop browsers into compliant possession factors of authentication

3DS partner

Secure the payment process and streamline the customer experience

3D Secure is a security measure designed to help protect merchants from credit and debit card fraud by adding verification steps when paying. Visa first implemented 3D Secure as a security-enhancing feature for online payments. Today, there are many different security protocols for various credit cards, all based on the 3D Secure platform.

3DS can be beneficial to both merchants and customers when it comes to card and online payments. Lower your chargeback fraud liability, decrease the risk of card-not-present (CNP) fraud and make customers feel more secure with the recognised 3D Secure process.

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