Drona Pay

Drona Pay is a leading fintech for risk management in payments and lending industry. Founded by fintech veterans with extensive experience in real-time risk management and big data analytics, Drona Pay leverages alternate data and machine learning to help secure new-age payments and lending.

Partnership highlights

Build an innovative and secure payments process with Pismo and Drona Pay

Real-time fraud detection

Protect your business from delinquency, scams, account takeovers, laundering and merchant fraud

Deploy across the customer lifecycle

Drona Pay’s risk engine works from credit decisioning and onboarding to post-transaction monitoring

Designed for every stage of business scale

From start-up to scale-up and from small business to large enterprise, find a solution that fits

Draw from multiple data channels

Leverage device fingerprints, behavioral biometrics, geolocation, app usage patterns and transactional data

AML/TM & Fraud partner

Secure the payment process and streamline the customer experience

Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the laws, regulations and procedures intended to prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income. Transaction Monitoring (TM) is a process within AML with includes the monitoring of transfers, deposits and withdrawals to provide a complete picture of customer activity.

Modern methods have led to demand for more comprehensive AML/TM systems to better detect the advanced tactics available to criminals. With our partners you can monitor customer transactions in real-time, identify suspicious activity and give banking partners confidence through an automated Anti-Money Laundering solution.

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