28 February 2023


Build it up, tear it down: How Chaos Engineering creates platform resiliency

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Daniela Binatti, Chief Technology Officer, Pismo
Mauricio Galdieri, Software Architect, Pismo

About the webinar

Chaos Engineering is a safe and structured way to inject instabilities into your computer system while extracting helpful knowledge about its inner complexity.

At Pismo, we routinely use chaos engineering to improve the resiliency of our banking and payments platform. We have spent plenty of time reading, discussing, and learning about this technique, which helps us meet the requirements of large banks and fintechs.

Join us for this exploratory webinar, in which we outline how chaos engineering can help you create resilient systems and be prepared for the unexpected.

We will discuss:

  • What are the key benefits of Chaos Engineering?
  • How Pismo created its unique approach to the discipline
  • Why “breaking things on purpose” is both intriguing and beneficial
  • How to use your “error budget” to perform chaos experiments
  • How disciplined experimentation leads to great results
  • The tool we employ to manage chaos experiments
  • How to identify weak spots in your infrastructure

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