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04 julio –

Simon Keys is Pismo’s new Head of Business Development in Oceania

The executive’s arrival was highlighted in regional media as part of our globalisation strategy; Keys will lead Pismo’s expansion in Australia and New Zealand

Fernanda Testa

Pismo welcomes Simon Keys as our new Head of Business Development in Oceania. With almost 30 years of experience in financial, payment processing, and travel organisations, he joins our team to lead our expansion in the Oceania region, including Australia and New Zealand.

The hiring announcement featured in several press outlets in the Oceania an Asia regions, such as Voxy, Australian Fintech, Security Brief New Zealand, Channel Life New Zealand, CFO Tech New Zealand, CFO Tech Australia, Channel Life Australia, IT Brief Australia, IT Brief Asia, Security Brief Asia and CFO Tech Asia.

“Banks, financial institutions, and fintechs are looking into ways to modernise their infrastructure and continue supporting customers with new ways of dealing with money,” says Keys. “But reliability is key. Pismo can give them the agility to innovate with the required resilience and scalability. I’m very excited to bring Pismo to our local market.”

Before joining Pismo, Keys spent almost five years working as Principal at XLII Consulting, where he held multiple roles with Visa, including leading Visa’a processing strategy for international markets. Prior to that, he also worked with American Express in the Asia Pacific region. 

Global expansion 

With Simon Keys, Pismo takes another step to its global expansion, which already includes offices in the UK, the USA and Singapore. 

According to a study published by Finder, one in five Australians hold a digital bank or neobank account – a propitious scenario for Pismo to operate in the region. 

“The Oceania banking sector is experiencing a renaissance, with clients experimenting with new forms of financial services,” says Vishal Dalal, Pismo CEO for North America, Europe, and Asia. “With our deep understanding of the pain points of financial service providers, it is the right time to expand Pismo’s presence and support players in the Oceania region with the resilience and flexibility of the cloud.”

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