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05 julio –

Ricardo Josua is featured in the “100 Super CEOs” Brazilian survey

A study led by the company Distrito highlights Pismo’s Co-Founder and CEO as one of the entrepreneurs leading Brazil’s brightest technology startups

Fernanda Testa

Ricardo Josua, Co-Founder and CEO at Pismo, was selected as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs who lead Brazilian’s prominent startups. 

The list results from a survey carried out by the company Distrito – an innovation platform for startups, corporations, and investors. The 100 Super CEOs study was featured in the Brazilian e-magazine PEGN

Technological relevance

According to the survey, the 100 startups were chosen by their technological relevance in Brazil. The analysis considered a database with public and private information on these startups, such as presumed revenue, investments raised, LinkedIn followers, number of employees, and website traffic. 

An algorithm analysed this data and revealed the results. Most of the listed companies are active in the financial services and information technology sectors and many of them are fintechs.

Young and Brazilian

The survey also showed that 90% of the CEOs are Brazilian, and their average age is 39.5 years. Almost half of them graduated from public universities in Brazil. 40% of the entrepreneurs studied at private universities, and 13% graduated from universities abroad. 

Most of those professionals studied production engineering, industrial, and mechanical engineering. Administration and computer science come in second place as the most attended degrees. After college, 55% of the CEOs had a graduate degree.

We congratulate Ricardo Josua and Pismo for the significant reference. You can see the complete list of distinguished CEOs (in Portuguese) here.

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