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04 agosto –

Pismo’s Ricardo Josuá profiled in Curinos’ Digital Banking Hub

Our co-founder and CEO talks about addressing customer needs with cloud-based technology and frictionless services

Alexander Hamilton
2 min

Curinos, a data insights and analysis platform, has profiled Ricardo Josuá, Pismo’s CEO and Co-Founder, as a leader in “shaping banking” for the future.

Curinos, based in New York, is owned by Informa, one of the world’s largest trade publishing and events companies. Ricardo’s interview features on its Digital Banking Hub, which monitors developments and innovations in the banking sector.

Ricardo spoke about his early career in investment banking, his experience in founding a leading card processing platform, and his journey in creating the company that would become Pismo.

“I saw different waves of trends throughout my career,” he says. “In my first company, the trends were related to the digitalisation of financial services. “By the time we founded Pismo, the trends were completely different: mobile was already strong, but cloud computing was not yet a reality in financial systems.”

Ricardo adds that expectations have changed dramatically in the industry, and those changes have arrived in waves. These included the adoption of smartphones globally, the arrival and impact of Big Techs, and the changes brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Banks, he says, have rapidly embraced digital experiences to save time and money, but challenges still remain for them. “A statistic that always stands out to me is that 40% to 50% of bank executives say they don’t know how to streamline integration between back and front office systems.”

The Pismo CEO goes on to say that the importance of cloud-based systems cannot be overstated. “It gives flexibility and time to market to offer the financial services people want. From the business point of view, cloud computing also stands out in terms of cost benefits, as banks and fintechs can evolve at their own pace.”

He adds: “It is this realisation that underpins the foundation of Pismo – there are few companies in the market that understand cloud as we do.”Ricardo’s profile on Curinos and the Digital Banking Hub can be found here. Want to hear more from him? Our CEO has also been interviewed by leading publication The Fintech Times.

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