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07 junio –

Preparing for a Pismo showcase at Money20/20 Europe

2022 is an important year for Pismo, and Money20/20 is a chance to take centre stage with our platform

Awanish Kumar, Head of Business Development

Money20/20 Europe kicks off this week in Amsterdam, and Pismo will be there to showcase how our platform offers next-generation capabilities in banking and payments. This will be an exciting opportunity for us to meet the industry, and for the industry to meet us.

One of the most important aspects of events like this is awareness, and that is exactly what we’re looking to build for Pismo in Amsterdam at Money20/20. The company has grown substantially on word of mouth and referrals, and now it’s time for us to say to the world at large: this is who we are.

Secondly, something I’m hoping to underline is that Pismo is a firm that cannot be placed into a pigeonhole. Core Banking, cards, acquiring: these used to all be separate aspects of a bank’s infrastructure, never run together by a single platform. But we traverse and connect these three segments with ease, and with scale. I’m looking forward to showing people this at the event.

There is a lot of industry talk out there about the changing role of back end and front end technology. One of the tracks at Money20/20 is even focused on whether back-office systems are boring, and that the front office should be a priority.

I think this is born out of an understanding that what matters is what is on the surface, and that’s by no means a problem. What should be considered is that to have a well defined and properly delivered front end experience you must have an effective back-office platform supporting it.

Back office support

We have seen over the past few years just how rapidly the front end can change. It’s evolving at an astonishing pace. A UX considered innovative today will be deemed clunky in as little as a year. Whether it’s BNPL, embedded finance, or expense cards, all these products, service variations and customer journeys in the front end can be supported by a solid, versatile and flexible back-end platform that works and is open to integrating and interacting with the new-age ecosystem, wherein role and proposition evolve swiftly.

I understand it, and I’ve seen it around the industry before. Some people think that back end change is scary, dull, or unnecessary. Yet everyone who says they don’t want to change the back end knows they can’t do without improving it in some way.

That is where a conference like Money20/20 can be a perfect way to connect institutions looking for a change with innovative and next-generation companies like Pismo. They could be looking for the very first step to take, seeking a product fit, or looking to hit the bottom line by removing maintenance issues. Pismo’s platform is a perfect fit for any of these scenarios, and much more.

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Want to speak to Awanish at Money20/20 Europe? Head down to the Pismo booth at the show (G60) or connect with him via the event app.

Not at Money20/20 but want to connect with Awanish? Then use our contact form.

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