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14 octubre –

Pismo unveils new-look partnerships ecosystem

We’ve revamped our partnerships pages to showcase the companies helping us build the future of banking and payments

Alexander Hamilton
3 min

Pismo has unveiled its new partner ecosystem, which provides detailed information on companies synergising with our next-generation core banking, cards and lending platform.

Pismo connects with best-in-class partners worldwide. We curate each member, selecting for its ability to complement our services: from KYC to 3DS, from AML to loan origination, and from clearing to cards.

Across the FI today, firms need to pick the right partner. This means one that aligns with both technology and values. Emily Youldon, Pismo’s Head of API Partnerships, outlined our goals in a blog post earlier this year.

“Pismo is always identifying partners to complement our existing tech stack,” she said. “It’s healthy to acknowledge there are capabilities outside banking and payments that we don’t specialise in.

“In those cases, we want to work with the best-of-breed providers to augment our offering. End consumers are no longer looking for a one-size-fits-all vendor; they’re looking for businesses that are experts in their chosen field.”

Pismo’s partnership process

Pismo’s team verifies and certifies potential partners. We investigate technology, capabilities, and whether they meet robust criteria.

Clients can be reassured that our partners always align with Pismo’s standards. This applies across products, client services, compliance, and more. We share information on the questions answered.

Once Pismo has certified a partner, they gain a multitude of benefits. This includes pre-integration connections handling 80% of development, competitive pricing available only through the partnership, and a quicker go-to-market process. All supporting information on partner integrations is available on our Developers Portal.

Pismo’s strategic partners are complementary to our technology. We’re partner agnostic. With a qualification and certification process, we work with a broad and effective network.

Pismo’s integrated partnerships involve the creation of a pre-defined, off-the-shelf connector. This reduces development time for the client when launching partner integrations.

Find out more

Pismo is expanding and improving our global partner network. We are onboarding products-based partners, including KYC, anti-fraud, and payments. We want to help provide clients with quality and variety in their connections.

Pismo is building the future of banking and payments, enabling financial institutions to reach the next level and offering their customers differentiated products and services. If that’s a journey you want to get involved in, get in touch with us today to take the first step.

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