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31 agosto –

Pismo joins MID, a digital innovators association in Brazil

Movimento Inovação Digital (MID) seeks to promote innovation by enabling knowledge exchange and supporting regulators in defining innovation-friendly rules

Maurício Grego

Pismo has recently joined Movimento Inovação Digital (MID), a Brazilian digital innovators association which brings together companies from several sectors.

MID executes two kinds of actions to promote innovation. The first is supporting legislative and regulatory authorities in defining rules enabling emerging technologies and innovative business practices. The second kind of action is creating business and knowledge exchange opportunities for its members. For this purpose, MID publishes studies and reports, holds meetings and conferences, and offers online courses.

Pismo at MID

“Participating in MID allows us to contribute to developing standards that enable the advancement of digital technologies in Brazil. It also allows us to interact with other companies in the digital economy and share experiences,” says Alexandre Pinto, Vice-President of Banking Products at Pismo.

“It is an honour to host Pismo at MID. The firm joins forces with over 150 other companies in our digital ecosystem,” says Marcos Carvalho, General Director at MID. “We promote a national agenda to defend innovation, technology, digitalisation and competitiveness. We support public policies and establish government relations in defence of the sector, in addition to creating new business opportunities,” he explains.

Despite having joined MID recently, Pismo already participates in five of the 14 committees and workgroups active at the organisation, dealing with data protection, compliance, taxes, financial services innovation, and market trends.

Pismo and B3, the Brazilian stock exchange (a Pismo client and investor), will do a joint presentation this Wednesday for MID associates. Representatives from both companies will tell how B3 built a credit card receivables management system based on the Pismo financial services platform. This presentation is a good example of how MID promotes knowledge sharing between its members.

Online to Offline

Representatives from Brazilian online marketplaces founded MID in 2015. It was initially called the Online to Offline Association (ABO2O), reflecting its focus on e-commerce. The organisation soon attracted firms from other sectors, such as financial services, logistics, transportation, healthcare, and technology. This expanded its initial purpose, leading to the recent name change to MID to better express the widened scope.

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