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27 enero –

Pismo gets a special mention in top technology podcast Acquired

Acquired, which has 160,000 listeners, mentions Pismo as a good example of an innovative startup that is helping to build the future in Latin America

Alexander Hamilton, Content Strategist
2 mins read

This week, Pismo received a shout out from Acquired, the #1 technology-based show on Apple Podcasts.

Hosted by Ben Gilbert of PSL Ventures and Dan Rosenthal, a San Francisco-based angel investor, the show explores “great technology companies and the stories and playbooks behind them”.

The show has more than 160,000 unique listeners every month and more than six million downloads. For the opening episode of its 10th season, the show took some time to shout out the technology landscape of Latin America and Pismo in particular.

“Technology in Latam isn’t about disruption; it’s about inclusion,” says Gilbert. “There are just so many businesses that are underserved by modern software solutions.”

Pismo allows banks and fintechs to “take charge of their core data”, he adds, “and use it intelligently.”

The show also underlined the work of Softbank’s Latin America fund and all the work it is doing in the region through partnerships with leading companies like Pismo.

“[Pismo] is just one example of how Softbank is partnering with great founders … to help build the future in Latin America,” says Gilbert.

“We love these guys; we think they’re super smart [and] we love what they’re doing.”

The premiere episode of season 10 also talks about the rise of musician Taylor Swift and her domination of the music industry by almost every metric available.

Gilbert and Rosenthal dive deep into the story behind Swift’s business success and compare it to some of the major movers in the technology space today. It’s not an episode to be missed.

You can listen to the entire show on their website, or watch it on YouTube.

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