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23 agosto –

Pismo Console — a web app to easily manage your programs

Mariana Miecznikowski, product marketing manager
1 min read

Setting up a new platform can be a tricky activity. That’s why our teams are always looking for new ways to improve our customers’ onboarding. We are launching Pismo Console, a new web app aimed at providing our customers with an experience that is both autonomous and smooth when managing programs. New programs — corresponding to products built on the Pismo platform, such as credit and debit cards — can be easily set up with Pismo Console.

Screen prints of Pismo Console


What’s new

Pismo Console provides autonomy and flexibility for our customers to manage their programs (or products). In this way, we estimate the creation and setup of new programs will be 20% faster through our new console, still ensuring quality, safety, and transparency.


  • List of all existing programs;
  • Intuitive program setup;
  • Copy of programs;
  • Program creation based on templates.

How to access it

If you’re already a Pismo’s customer, talk to your account manager and they will walk you through it. Not a client yet? Contact us and find out more about Pismo Console and how Pismo will take your banking and payments systems to the next level.

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