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02 marzo –

Pismo co-founders talk about culture and talent acquisition with AWS

In the AWS Startup Founders video series, Daniela and Juliana Binatti discuss how a fast-growing company can preserve and evolve its corporate culture

Fernanda Testa, Content Writer

At Pismo, talent management has always been about gathering each person’s main strengths and abilities and making people feel comfortable to be who they are.

In Startup Founders, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) video series about successful startups, two of our co-founders, Daniela and Juliana Binatti, discuss how the company engages its employees with Pismo’s culture as it goes through rapid growth.

It’s all about culture

From the very beginning, our founders had the goal of exploring individual skills to build a solid environment within Pismo.

The company aims to provide the most advanced financial services platform globally. To do this, we must ensure that our culture remains strong as more and more new employees join the team.

We’re growing fast – at the beginning of 2021, we had 50 employees. Today, we have almost 300 people across the United States, the UK, Singapore, India, and Brazil.

“While building our team, we avoid bringing too many people in at once, and we look for people with the specific skills that we need,” explains Daniela Binatti, our Co-Founder and CTO. “It was an organic growth until we got to where we are now. And we are preparing for an even greater expansion.”

A safe work environment

“We have to guarantee a safe environment for our employees. We want people to feel safe for being who they are”, says Juliana Binatti, our Co-Founder and CPO.

“The journey is long, lots of things happen along the way, and it is important to have people you trust around you. That’s what we are building – a team we can count on anytime we need them.”

You can watch the complete Startup Founders series on the AWS website.

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