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01 abril –

N26 and BTG Pactual win the Financial Innovators of the Americas Awards with Pismo

The awards, which will be delivered during Fintech Americas in Miami, recognise the innovative financial services that N26 and BTG Pactual built with the Pismo platform

Maurício Grego

We are very proud to announce that key executives of two of our clients – Eduardo Del Guerra Prota, from N26, and Rodrigo Cury, from BTG Pactual – won the prestigious Premios Innovadores Financieros de las Américas.

The awards recognise and honour the innovative financial services these banks built with the Pismo platform under the leadership of their respective executives.

The prizes announced today will be delivered during the Fintech Americas 2022 conference, which starts on 10 May in Miami. Pismo will be a sponsor and an exhibitor at this two-day event. The conference will gather Latin American leaders to discuss how technology is accelerating the transformation of financial services.

According to Fintech Americas, “the Financial Innovators of the Americas Awards seek to identify, highlight, and promote the individuals, teams, and projects re-imagining finance in the Americas to be faster, efficient, and more inclusive.”

N26 Brazil

Eduardo Del Guerra Prota, CEO at N26 Brazil, won the award in the Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services category. N26, a pioneer in digital banking, was founded in Germany and is currently present in 26 countries. N26 Brazil uses the Pismo platform to manage accounts, issue cards, and process financial transactions.

The bank aims to create a better relationship between consumers and all aspects of their financial management to help improve their quality of life. For this purpose, it has developed innovative tools for its customers to manage their finances.

N26 Brazil has started testing its services in November 2021 with 2,000 users. Since it began to receive registrations for new accounts, more than 200,000 people have applied. The digital bank is expected to start operating by December 2022.

BTG Pactual Banking

Rodrigo Cury, Head of Consumer Banking and Partner at BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America, won the prize in the Product or Service Innovation category. Cury led the development of the BTG Pactual Banking app, the bank’s highly successful foray into retail banking.

BTG Pactual Banking is a complete digital bank with a wide range of services, including accounts, credit and debit cards, investments, instant money transfers, and financial advisory. The bank’s team built it in only eight months. It uses the Pismo platform to process financial transactions, issue cards, and manage accounts.

Launched in January 2021, BTG Pactual Banking has won several awards as one of the financial industry’s most innovative and customer-friendly banking apps.

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