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26 julio –

Human capital is crucial for a company’s success, says Pismo’s Luciana Inumaru

Our Chief People Officer signed an article in The Financial Technologist magazine, published by Harrington Starr, about Pismo's strategy to attract and engage talents

Fernanda Testa

Luciana Inumaru, Chief People Officer at Pismo, was featured in The Financial Technologist magazine, published by London-based fintech recruitment company Harrington Starr. Luciana signed an article about Pismo’s strategy to attract and engage talents. She says one of a company’s crucial success indicators is how it takes care of its human capital.

At Pismo, the People department works to offer the best learning experience for candidates from the very beginning of the selection process. It is essential to provide reliable information about the company, including positive and negative aspects. “Above all, we want to offer a selection process that respects the candidates, which aligns with one of Pismo’s core values – total trust, that is, transparency at all times,” Luciana says. 

Clarity comes first 

Luciana explains that Pismo makes sure every step in the selection process is clear and reinforces the corporate culture with the candidates from the first interactions. “Clarity always comes first. So our future employees know what they’ll find in their daily routine if they accept the challenge of being part of our team.”

At Pismo, we are also concerned about the employee’s well-being and psychological safety. 

It is essential that you signal if you are not satisfied for any reason. With this proposal to encourage a protagonist’s attitude, Pismo does not presume to be a perfect workplace,” Luciana says. 

Engagement, not retention

As a global company, we understand that our employees deal with many challenges. But that also means people can achieve many dreams and goals when working with us. So, encouraging people to act with protagonism and autonomy engages them in our culture. 

“Retention is a word that doesn’t fit our culture. We identify more with engaging our people. We believe we are on the right track to sustaining our teams’ motivation. Consequently, we think Pismo can be where talented professionals want to be. These are the first steps of an incredible journey, and a lot is still to come,” Luciana concludes. 

You can download The Financial Technologist magazine from the Harrington Starr website

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