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18 octubre –

How BTG Pactual built its award-winning digital bank

Download our case study to learn how the largest investment bank in Latin America developed a feature-rich mobile bank in only eight months

Maurício Grego

BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America, launched BTG Pactual Banking, its digital retail bank (initially called BTG+), in Brazil at the beginning of 2021 – after only eight months of development and testing. Today it is a complete mobile bank with services that range from credit cards to investments, and it has innovative features to help users manage their finances.

BTG Pactual Banking was quickly recognised as offering the best customer experience among mobile banks in Brazil. It is rated 4.9 on App Store and 4.8 on Google Play, and it has won several awards for its innovations and smooth user experience.

The digital retail bank allowed BTG Pactual to reach new customers and offer them a fresh range of financial services. The bank saw significant synergies between this new initiative and its investment business, and now it provides a complete banking experience to its customers.

How did BTG Pactual develop an outstanding digital bank in such a short time? Instead of starting from scratch, it started from Pismo. BTG Pactual Banking uses the Pismo financial services platform for core banking, card issuing, payment processing, and other financial services. It focuses on optimising the user experience, while Pismo takes care of the back-end processing.

Download our case study to learn more about BTG Pactual Banking

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