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16 agosto –

Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico highlights Pismo’s explosive growth

“An investment of US$ 108 million supports the expansion of the only company that offers banking and payments on the same cloud-based platform”, says Valor

Maurício Grego

An article published today in Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico describes Pismo as “one of the fastest growing banking solution providers globally, with customers in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia.”

The article is part of the newspaper’s special section about banking technology produced in the wake of last week’s Febraban Tech conference in São Paulo, Brazil. It tells the story of Pìsmo since its foundation in 2016, emphasising its fast growth, starting in Brazil and then expanding globally.

The text is based on an interview with Ricardo Josua, Co-Founder and CEO at Pismo. “We develop cutting-edge technology in Brazil. The country can be an exporter of technology and compete globally,” says Ricardo.

Banking basics

“The concept of financial operations based on elements such as accounts, balances and transactions helped to create the core for retail banking, card management, loan services, digital wallets, marketplaces and corporate banking,” explains Valor about the Pismo platform for financial services. “The platform integrates with other systems through application program interfaces (APIs),” it adds.

The newspaper mentions that Pismo supplies its technology to large financial institutions such as Itaú, the largest bank in Latin America, and BTG Pactual, the biggest investment bank in the region. It also mentions the Brazilian stock exchange B3 and the German-based neobank N26 as Pismo’s customers.

The article also highlights Pismo’s US$108 million Series B funding round, which Softbank, Amazon, and Accel led last year.


Valor describes Pismo’s global partner’s network, spotlighting our recent partnership with OneConnect in Southeast Asia, which aims to offer technological solutions to financial institutions with the OneCosmo brand.

The text describes OneConnect as “the technology arm of PingAn, the second largest private group in China and the sixth largest group in the world according to the Forbes Global 2000 ranking.”

“A good part of the brand’s success lies in solving one of the main technological challenges that make innovation difficult in the sector. Financial systems were developed over decades, with updates layered on top of their cores,” says Valor.

“This model makes any new developments require technological archaeology to assess impacts, apply corrections, and ensure the safety of operations,” explains the article.

“The use of cloud and microservices, blocks of programming that can be reproduced as needed, allow rapid modifications, with scalable tests starting from small groups,” says Valor. We do “all this without interrupting operations and with security”, adds Ricardo Josua.

The article is available on the Valor Econômico website (in Portuguese).

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