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14 febrero –

AWS video series features our co-founders Daniela and Juliana Binatti

A set of videos on the AWS Startup Founders series tells how Pismo has been building the most advanced financial services platform in the world

Fernanda Testa, Content Writer
2 mins read

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just launched a video series with our co-founders, Daniela and Juliana Binatti. In the videos, they tell how Pismo has been treading the path to building the most significant banking and payments platform solution in the world.

The Startup Founders series shows how successful startups that use AWS cloud infrastructure have grown and innovated. We build our platform for financial services on the AWS cloud service. With a multi-region infrastructure, we can operate in any country where AWS is present – a crucial feature for a global company like Pismo.

Divided into four episodes, the video set about Pismo shows how we created our financial services platform. It details how we strive to offer the best experience not only to banks and fintechs but also to their customers.

According to Daniela Binatti, co-founder and CTO at Pismo, one of the features that make this possible is the platform’s scalability. “We offer you the platform, and you are free to build your best product with it,” she explains.

“This solution will empower your business, serve your final customer better and allow you to have total control of it. You’ll build the solution you have always dreamed of on Pismo’s infrastructure.”

One-to-one relationship

Juliana Binatti, Co-Founder and CPO at Pismo, believes that Pismo’s success as a solution provider lies in the one-to-one relationship with its customers. Once we understand what they need most, we can develop the best product they expect.

“Our relationship with our clients is strengthened from the moment we listen to them. What kind of experience do they want to deliver to their users? We look for ways we can guarantee our clients have the resources they need to offer the best payments experience to their customers”, she says.

Pismo’s business model and close relationship with clients make Juliana see a bright future for the company. “I see Pismo, indeed, as the number one payments solution in the world. We have the team, technology and knowledge to achieve that”.

The video below is a teaser for the Startup Founders video set about Pismo. You can watch the complete series on the AWS website.


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