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07 octubre –

AWS video presents Pismo as a successful business case in cloud computing

In the video, Ricardo Josua and Daniela Binatti speak about Pismo’s origin and goals, its partnership with AWS, and global expansion

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has published a video on its YouTube channel that presents Pismo as a successful business case in cloud computing. The video features Ricardo Josua, co-founder and CEO at Pismo, and Daniela Binatti, co-founder and CTO.

Ricardo and Daniela discuss the origins of Pismo, their vision for the future and the significance of Pismo’s partnership with AWS. They also highlight the importance of equality in the work environment. “We deeply believe that we can be agents of change, of a transformation in the way people use financial services,” says Ricardo.|

A cloud-native company

“In 2015, I travelled to Silicon Valley to talk to entrepreneurs. I realised many startups were using AWS managed services to enable their businesses. Then I registered for a course on AWS architecture and started designing what would become the Pismo platform,” Daniela explains.

“Many of the financial services we use are based on technologies developed 30 or 40 years ago. These systems were designed for a world without the internet or smartphones. When we started Pismo, we wanted to create a modern solution that would meet current needs but not be restricted to them,” says Ricardo.

Global expansion

Since the company was founded in 2016, the Pismo banking and payments platform has evolved to process 23 million accounts in five countries — Brasil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.

“We always dreamt of being a global company. This year, with a mature operation in Latin America, we accelerated our international expansion. We now have offices in the UK and the USA, and we already have a contract with our first client in India,” says Daniela.

“With the AWS team, we developed a multi-region distribution project. It allows us to operate in any region of the world where AWS is present. We implemented it in a short time and with a high-security level. This implementation would be challenging without the managed services offered by AWS,” says Ricardo.

A journey towards equality

Daniela highlights some of the challenges facing women in technology and what Pismo is doing to support them: “The bonus our employees earn when referring someone who is hired is larger if the nominee is a woman. We also partner with a company that recruits only women.”

Watch the AWS video (in Portuguese with English subtitles):


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