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18 March –

Pismo’s Sisters’ are doing it for themselves!

Sisters and Pismo co-founders Daniela Binatti and Juliana Binatti reflect on the importance of sisterhood and support


Growing up in Brazil, a teenage Juliana Binatti was interested in nutrition and thinking about pursuing this as a study and career path. However, all that changed when Daniela, her older sister of two years, started learning computer programming. Influenced by Daniela’s passion, Juliana became interested in learning technology, and both sisters went on to study it at university.

With their shared love of all things technology cemented, Daniela and Juliana started their professional careers at the same company, where they specialised in different areas of technology. “I was able to find my own space and path doing what I love, working in products and payments,” Juliana explains.

After 15 years working on IT, Daniela started developing her vision for Pismo. It was never in doubt that Juliana would, once again, be by her sister’s side in this exciting new venture.

Today, they make up half of the Pismo Co-Founder team, with Daniela the CTO and Juliana CPO – once again in roles that play to their strengths while supporting each as the business grows.

The first year of Pismo involved many hours spent working at the dining room table in Juliana’s São Paulo apartment, while lunches with their parents became “executive meetings!”

“Working so closely with someone you trust and who knows you so well is incredibly helpful,” Daniela explains. This has been particularly significant during moments of anxiety and self-doubt – when they could balance each other out and always end up seeing the positives.

“When we were growing up, our mum made us share everything,” Juliana recalls. “Now we share a company and a career!”

Following March 8 International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations, Daniela and Juliana are united in their passion for supporting, encouraging and empowering women, stating: “IWD is a day to remember, but we must remember to encourage and empower women every day.”

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