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06 April –

Pismo’s Data team assemble and donate bicycles during team-building activity

Data engineers built bikes during a group activity which were then donated to a charity action for children

Fernanda Testa

Pismo’s Brazilian Data Engineering team recently met for the first time at our office in São Paulo. They participated in a team-building activity led by our People Management team in partnership with Netas, a consultancy company specialising in corporate training.

Besides the opportunity to meet each other in person and strengthen the team’s union, they also worked together for a greater purpose that would benefit children.

Work as a team

One of the activities proposed was to build a bicycle. Once each group completed the task, they found out they would donate the bikes to a charity project that helps vulnerable children. The kids went to the office so that the engineers could give them the gifts.

“The idea was to show the importance of working as a team and building something even if you don’t know the outcome,” explains Fernando Vasconcellos, our Human Resources Manager.

“When they saw the children, they were immediately worried if all the screws were tight enough and the brakes working properly. They learned that each task we complete, day by day, is part of a whole project.”

Clarifying goals and gaining confidence

Lucas Saletti was one of the data engineers who took part in the activities. He says that the face-to-face moment with his colleagues was significant, with the team growing through a period of expansion.

“We could clarify our goals as a team. When everyone has the same focus and purpose, we can achieve our goals easily, and success is certain.”

Our Head of Data, Diego Valdez, says the activities could accelerate the team’s integration and provide more confidence to the group.

“We supported each other while we were building the bikes. It seemed we had already been together in person for months. Knowing we did something to help someone was exciting and made us think about our reality as a team. We build solutions for people we don’t know in person, but the things we do make a difference in their lives.”

Purpose, culture and union

The team also had the chance to talk to our co-founders, Daniela Binatti and Marcelo Parise, about the purpose and corporate culture.

“It was a special moment we wanted to provide to other teams. We’re working on setting up other activities like that so that we can promote union between the members of all squads”, concludes Vasconcellos, our Human Resources Manager.

(All people who took part in these activities were tested for Covid-19 before entering the office).

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