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25 May –

“Passion built my career”, says Daniela Binatti at the Mulheres Eletricas podcast

Our Co-Founder and CTO was a featured speaker at the Brazilian podcast hosted by the journalist Carol Gilbert and talked about being an entrepreneur in technology

Fernanda Testa
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Being a woman and an entrepreneur in technology – a male-dominated area – may look challenging for those who want to pursue a career in this industry. Daniela Binatti, Co-Founder and CTO at Pismo, says that passion and resilience are the keys to succeeding in anything we wish.

She was a featured speaker on Mulheres Eletricas, a Brazilian podcast hosted by the journalist Carol Gilberti at Rádio BandNews FM. Daniela talked about her journey as a professional in technology and financial services and how she helps Pismo expand globally and offer next-gen solutions in banking and payments worldwide.

The first contact Daniela had with technology was in her teenage years. She was 13 years old when her parents enrolled her in a typewriting course. After that, she started studying programming at a computing school.

“I just fell in love with programming and decided I wanted to do that for a living. When I finished high school, I went to college to study technology, and this passion only kept growing,” she says.

Passion drives sucess

After graduating, Daniela started working in financial services, another industry where men are the majority. Although women face many challenges in growing and being recognised, she highlights that being passionate is the key to success.

“What made a difference in my career was passion. I’ve always been passionate about building and creating things. I wanted to persist. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. But I needed a lot of resilience to overcome obstacles,” she explains.

It’s all about technology

After working for 20 years in a company and developing a processing platform for payments from scratch, Daniela launched Pismo with the other three co-founders, who were also her coworkers for all those years.

“The four of us had the opportunity to develop a platform from scratch twice. Our mutual support was vital for Pismo to succeed”, she says.

Pismo is helping banks and fintechs in Latin America to offer the best solutions in banking and payments, and it’s now expanding worldwide with offices in the UK, Brazil, the USA, and Singapore.

Daniela says technology itself helps Pismo in its global expansion. The pandemic made people work from home, and companies realised that remote work is a viable alternative.

“In March 2020, Pismo had 40 employees. Today we are almost 400 people working from home worldwide. Everything we’ve been building is even bigger than we imagined, and technology is responsible for it”, she says.

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