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14 January –

MIT G-Lab Students help Pismo to define the future of credit card innovation

Four MIT G-Lab students are spending three weeks at our Bristol based HQ, working on a special report to define a roadmap of credit card innovation

Natalie Easson, Head of PR
2 mins read

Pismo is a proud partner to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) — the US university famed for its development of modern technology and ranked as one of the top academic institutions in the world.

Through this partnership, we are working with a team of four students from the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab). The G-Lab works predominantly with businesses from emerging markets, to immerse students into real-life projects and “learn by doing.”

The students, Jianduo Guo, Gabriela Torres Vives, Prem Sagar and Maggie Mei, are immersing themselves in our world of cloud-based banking and payments and deep-diving into the fintech industry. Their goal is to develop a comprehensive report about the future of credit cards in a post-pandemic world.

Whilst at our UK HQ, the G-Lab team have been spending time with our founders, executives and engineers, to learn about our platform and expertise in payments and credit cards. The students will take these insights and use their own MIT resources, network and library website to establish credit card trends across different demographics and geographies, incorporating behavioural economics.

At the end of the internship, the students will present their findings and recommendations to our Executive Team — who will decide whether to implement any of the suggestions into our platform offering.

We are excited to be working closely with the future generations of STEM experts and are looking forward to seeing what the G-Lab team will create!

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